An eminent seafront residence


Coastal Strunjan is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Villa Tartini is situated on the very edge of the Strunjan coastline.
It appeals to everyone who appreciates being able to enjoy in stunning views of the natural beauty that surrounds them here and to everyone who values privacy, individuality and exclusivity.

Let yourself be swept away by its energy and the view of a beach that is always in season...



Villa Tartini is nestled in the heart of Strunjan Landscape Park,
only a stone’s throw from the picturesque salt pans.


The villa’s suites guarantee luxurious comfort, while its location offers a wide range of opportunities for excursions and walks around the surrounding villages that have their own flora and fauna, unique way of life, as well as many local delicacies to try.


Parties in the past had all the elements that parties in the present have...
And these delights of life are no stranger to Villa Tartini.

A beautiful and daringly-designed  interior,
Excellent  cuisine,
Select  cocktails and  wine served in crystal glasses,
Friendly staff that understands what you want even before you do,

Music to inspire you.


The seven suites at Villa Tartini are arranged in two storeys and capture the essence and ambiance of a time gone by.


Their specific style lets find themselves in the midst of the comfortable luxury of the 1970s, allowing them to take a break from everything modern.



A romantic wedding in the haven of Villa Tartini


If you are looking for privacy, luxury and exclusivity, then Villa Tartini is the perfect place. Looking out onto the open sea and the romantic village Piran at sunset, with a backdrop of coastal woodland, Villa Tartini creates an atmosphere worthy of a true seaside wedding fairy tale. And to round it all off, the happy couple can take their first steps on their shared journey along the beach.


Custom deals.



Dishes from Villa Tartini kitchen are always prepared using only the very best locally-produced seasonal ingredients, consistently fresh and full of natural flavour.

And the plating of the dishes also tells a charming story.

The dining room, which seats twenty people, opens out onto the terrace from where you can take in the relaxing views of the sea waves, the Mediterranean garden and the church of Piran.


On the terrace itself there is plenty of room to create a variety of seating arrangements tailored to the number of guests and their wishes, as well as to make sure they can enjoy the best view depending on the season.

 Custom deals. 



  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners can be prepared upon your request, depending on your wishes and tastes.

  • Room service is possible at any time, as is the service of food and drinks in the hotel lobby.

  • We can also arrange for the daily delivery of your choice of newspapers and magazines.

  • There is a hotel concierge at your disposal that will help you with car hires, courier services, boat hire and limousine rentals.

  • Laundry is washed, ironed and delivered the same day.

  • Shoes are cleaned and polished.

  • The price of a room includes a day-pass to the gym at the nearby Hotel Svoboda.

  • You can also hire a personal trainer, yoga and pilates instructors, masseuse, as well as order in-room cosmetic treatments.

  • In the lobby of Villa you will also find a library with books and magazines that is open 24 hours a day.

  • At the Salia Thalasso Centre at Hotel Svoboda, you can choose from a wide range of wellness services and programmes. 


T: +386 8 20 50 300

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